Wednesday, May 15, 2013

let it go

nothing has to be bad. nothing has to be inconvenient, or stressful. nothing should make you feel like you aren't ready for a new day. nothing should make you feel like you want to skip hours, moments, or events in a day. we should want to take everything in, soak it all up! we should be happy to even wake up in the morning, and feel grateful that we've been blessed which yet another mysterious beauty.

it's a certain energy that takes motivation or drive away. the same energy that causes you to be nervous, to feel uncomfortable or to (perhaps) feel too comfortable.

take a moment for yourself, take a moment to breathe and talk yourself out of a funk, to talk the energy away. even if its for three minutes lying face first on your hardwood floors. even if it's to stretch your legs and close your eyes to imagine yourself somewhere different - take time to breathe! to let it all go, whatever it is. and open your eyes to find yourself in a new beautiful place of self-awareness, gratitude, and peace.

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