Wednesday, April 10, 2013

raining cats and...only cats.

Everyone, meet Carlito

I’ve never been a cat person - not really opposed, but just have never had the desire to have one of my own - and ever since the day we found her (I think it’s a her, at least) on top of our roof, I have been completely infatuated. She finally gathered the courage to jump down from the roof, and instantly she was on my porch cuddling and purring in my lap. She rubs her head against your legs, knees, arms- really any available extremity and acts like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her. I went to find I “lost cat” sign on a post I saw on my walk earlier that day, and when I got back she was in Tyler’s lap cuddling with him which was a realllly big surprise considering he actively dislikes cats.

She’s been hanging around our house and our neighbor’s backyard, but I still haven’t learned who she actually belongs to. There’s no collar, but she’s definitely being fed somewhere seeing as she isn’t skin and bones, and also isn’t ginormous from eating like a homeless cat.

It’s so charming and wonderful that she hangs out in all the same places our neighbors cat Reese (RIP) used to hang out. She looks the exact same, and we see her around all the same times as well. Whether she’s actually an angel from God that He quite literally dropped onto my roof from heaven, or just a stray cat, I love her the same and feel so thankful for her loving energy.

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