Monday, July 1, 2013

brief summer update

it's been quite a while since i've posted anything on here. i wish i could say there was something you were all missing out on, but there really isn't. lately, i've been enjoying the boringness that summertime brings, and soaking in the fact that this is my last school-free summer as a student for both me and tyler, actually.

today might be the first day i've spent here at home alone. if tyler and i aren't working, we are usually in norman enjoying our free time with family. zeus is a great sport traveling around with us, and staying at homes with other dogs. likewise, as is our family for letting zeus be his normal curious (lets say...) self.

last week zeus made a new friend who just so happened to live in a nice hard shell, which in this case worked out for his benefit. where zeus loved to cuddle and keep this turtle close to him, the turtle was scared to death. while zeus would try to sleep, the turtle would roll up onto his legs, and make a run for it. when the turtle reached an uncomfortable distance for zeus, he would go pick him up, and set the turtle right back down beside him.

the look of pure infatuation is all over his face

our garden is thriving! we should soon have a harvest *fingers crossed*. all of our plants are really taking off. our beens seem to love their life the most outside. my whole bean patch survived and push through the ground together, whereas my cabbage did not. i have yet to see a single cabbage leaf. although admittedly, when i was planting the cabbage i was growing quite weary of gardening for the day. after tilling the large area for our garden and then organizing and planting each of our plants that day, i earned quite the sunburn which surprisingly turned into a nice freckled tan!

my jalapeno plant about to bloom!

I thought I had shocked and killed my tomatoes in their transfer from the indoors to the outdoors, but I was comforted by these new blooms all over the plant this week! Keep on keepin' on, tomatoes!

tyler and i also were able to celebrate our one year anniversary, which really warms my heart to type out. thanks to med school, and a nice mundane schedule of eat, sleep, hug/converse, repeat throughout the school year, it doesn't feel like a year has passed at all. that concept makes me wish i would've kept up with this blogging thing better! maybe this concept will help me appreciate the fact that my iphone has no more space for anything else because of my insatiable desire to photograph every moment in life.

I look really excited to be standing next to this guy (and that fish),
and honestly - every day gets better with Tyler beside me. 

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