Wednesday, September 26, 2012

busy, cold-natured, vegan woman

it's been so long since i've taken the time to write things down.
(so reads multiple pages of my journals i kept since i was about 13... some things really don't ever change.)

life is busy! so busy. between school, husband, family, church, the occasional shift at work- i get caught up. when i'm not in school or not working, i'm trying my hardest to spend time with tyler when he isn't studying or looking over his anatomy books. because of his motivation, (and possibly a little because there's nothing else to do around here) i'm trying harder than ever to do well in school. i don't think i've ever studied so often for a single test, especially one that isn't a final. it's all paying off, however, so i must be doing something right.

our house is continually becoming more of a home. things are going up on walls, more quilts are being strewn about the house because of my cold-nature and tyler's fans always being on. in his defense, i can always put on more layers where he can only take off so much.

aside from our busy lives, we've been trying out vegan-ism. thanks to my sweet momma, we watched a documentary about eating plant-based whole foods, and how it has the ability to completely reverse disease, and how the casein in milk (and several other things, seriously, you'd be surprised...) is essentially the on/off switch for cancer. needless to say, we were all inspired. right after watching it, our grocery list was full of vegan friendly foods. and we tried it! for a day.

i didn't ever really know how much i liked cheese until i tried to be vegan. nothing was harder than not eating cheese. i went to bed feeling really weird and full. but empty at the same time. i hated it, and i think tyler knew that. even though i never really let myself admit it that day. the following day was a midterm day for tyler, and he called me after his test, and we decided to go to our MY favorite restaurant lately- fuzzy's! the first bite of queso was the best, and it was the following bites that were impeccable! i didn't regret a thing. yet somehow here i am sitting here writing this a vegan. well- a woman eating a plant-based whole foods diet. i still wear my leather boots and things (you can't make me get rid of those).

it's been three days! i feel wonderful. i don't think i've noticed a whole lot of difference yet really. making food is getting easier though. being vegetarian for the past six years of my life, you would think that becoming vegan would be just an easy step, but it's so hard for me! i've had to completely reteach myself how to cook/assemble meals, but the meals we have concocted have been overwhelmingly satiating, which was surprising to me. i'm reading books, and absorbing all the information my mom is feeding me about it (which is a lot, she's very up on all the vegan knowledge and it's wonderful!) and going on from there.

day four is tomorrow, as well as my first studio-yoga class in three weeks. (i'm telling you, i've been shamefully busy.) things keep looking up, and i continually strive to walk in light and goodness.

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