Sunday, August 19, 2012

in honor of mornings

mornings and thursdays have always been my most treasured times. something unexpectedly wonderful always seems to happen on thursdays for me. the best memories are from thursdays, one of my best friends and i used to drive endlessly around and list the reasons why we meet on thursdays instead of any other day. things like spontaneous acts of kindness, date nights, good grades, finding money, good memories, the list is never-ending.
and for me, mornings are sacred.

the air is still, it's quiet, it's fresh outside. blinking your eyes over and over again in hopes of them peeling back on their own, and forcing you to crawl out of the safe haven you've made of your bed. quilts on tops of quilts, pillows on pillows. the light from the morning sun shines into my house perfectly. picking things up around the house from the day before to open up the space of my house. the cicada's "love song" is loud in the morning, singing along with the birds most times. the only birds around our house (unfortunately) are pigeons that hide up in the rafters of our porch awaiting our exit so they can swoop down and make us jump out of our skin. without fail. every time.

sufjan is perfect for the mornings, sort of like a devotion for the beginning of the day. morning stretches, morning kisses, morning blanket over my lap. drinking coffee like it's a religious ritual.

all a perfect start for what's undoubtedly going to be a glorious day.

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  1. Nice thoughts and imagery. Very soothing, sacred.


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