Wednesday, February 20, 2013

midnight update:

Currently cramming all the information into my brain that I can possibly fit for my physiology exam tomorrow morning, and truly needed a therapeutic break. So here I am.

Finding time and commitment to write lately is something I've been struggling with. A lot has changed, well, sort of. There are new things around, like new bowls I bought for much cheaper than I think they should be (I'm a sucker for tiny floral print...).

There are my new little herb children, as I call them, of whom I am so proud! I grew them from tiny little seedlings in tea tins I salvaged from the cafe where I work. I've always known myself to actually have a black thumb. For example, I killed my best friend Charlotte and I's love fern back when I was like 14... we named it and everything, yet somehow it died under my not-so-watchful eye. I also killed my aloe vera plant about three years ago that I brought back from Florida with me. I went through the trouble of packing it in foil to smuggle it onto the plane in my backpack for the trip home, but it soon died when I left it out in the winter storm... so needless to say it's really nice and encouraging that my little herb children are thriving here in my window sill! Not to mention I have several other plants that just love to grow tall and new around the house. Our little bungalow is full of life and good energy!

I enjoy how proud he looks of his fence here :)

There is also our new fence for our garden that Tyler built himself. He completely surprised me with this. I went to work one morning, and after eight hours returned to him proudly standing by his new masterpiece! He's tilled up the ground, and has this whole garden planned out. There's even a place for a table and chair for my hangout area, he claims.

Zeus loving the snow that surprised us in Oklahoma
Baby Zeus leaving the breeding grounds
Lastly- our newest Freeman addition! We got Zeus in December from a local breeder, and we were so in love with him from day one. For the first few days home with us he would cry and whine like huskies do, I learned. Although it was really cute, I felt bad for taking him away from his cute little siblings left back at the breeding grounds (? that was the first thing that came to mind haha). It was hard adjusting to his crying in the night, but thankfully that only lasted a few weeks...and admittedly Tyler got up in the night much more than I did. I developed some intrinsic "sleep-thru-our-annoying-dog-whining" thing during this time period, and that's quickly faded away, for now he wakes me up at 7:30 each morning.

It's my last semester at OCCC, and I am so thankful for that. However, it seems just when I get used to it, and get used to the type of people in my classes it's over. I'm still waiting back to hear from the two schools I've applied to, but I'm assuming it should be soon...right?

not perfect, but getting there

 My New Year's resolution is going wonderfully! I have never really made any sort of commitment to a "resolution" because why can't any day be a day for change? But talking around the table with my family on NYE got me settled on a few. One in particular was to yoga at least two times a week, three if possible. I've stuck with it! Except for a week when I didn't stay in OKC for the evening, I procrastinated my studies, and in turn punished myself for it and locked myself away with my books... But other than that! It's going well. I'm finally feeling stronger and more confident in my practice. It's wonderful to finally find something that fits my desires and needs so well. My mom and I have been going together when our schedules align, which makes it that much better. I love having someone to keep you accountable, and we get lots of, "aw, mother/daughter practice!" comments which is fun too.

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