Monday, August 13, 2012

beautiful opportunity

while going through my nightly routine of checking the blogs i follow before bed, i came across a post from a yoga blog saying that they were interested in people to write articles for them. i honestly nearly came up out of my entangling quilts upon reading this to send an email to the guy who had posted the request. this morning, i didn't even have time to wake up and spend the day anticipating a response because (yes, like i do in the morning too) when i went to check my blogs and email, i already had an email from them saying they would love to have me write for them.

not only am i beyond blessed that this opportunity as risen for me, but i am incredibly excited. it's as if my whole life has aligned right in this perfect moment, and everything is kick-starting. where i may not get paid to write for this blog (who really knows yet, at this point), i will have experience for when my nutrition career is flourishing. it's almost reassuring that i got the opportunity, because i had long been throwing the idea around of writing for a health blog/journal/magazine or whatever may come.  this is possibly the push in the direction i've been hesitating to step into on my own. and even past this blog being a place where i am free to write about health, my journey, and any spiritual enlightenments i may have, it's a website solely based upon yogis and their journeys, health ideas, etc. a place to make wonderful connections; a place where i myself can learn to grow from them as well.

i've been thinking about what my first post should be about, and like my ap english teacher tought me back in highschool, you never write as well when you're trying to write. you need to just let your fingers and thoughts flow freely and then go back to create coherency and perfect grammar. 

this post began as an effort to collect my thoughts into something worth submitting for my first article tonight, yet upon ending i'm only comforted that there's always tomorrow morning to write. not to mention that in the morning, there won't be call of duty screams in the room next to me haha

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