Monday, July 30, 2012

transcend together

growing up is such an exciting thing to sort of sit back and watch happen to yourself. along with years and friends and experiences, you realize how real this life actually is becoming. its like I’ve always had this sort of fire in myself that yearns for certain things, and knows a general path to take. a path only ever dreamt of because of the comfort it would mean for my life. and as I sit here and listen to myself tell stories to these new people I’ve met, I’m realizing that the fire is still alive. that the same desires and same pulls I had when I was younger are finally being put into motion.

what’s even more incredible is that I’m starting to sense something bigger inside of that passion I have. things I feel led to do to not only better myself, but the spirits around me. the relationships I have, even the ones I’ve not yet made. it’s incredible, seriously. I’ve never felt more sure of a place. never felt more calm or sound in my given body and mind. It’s absolutely glorious. and I seriously hope this is contagious, and that in reading this, that you too feel this divine connection.

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