Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a day alone

been a really wonderful and productive day today! before it was even 10:30 I had already spent my morning time with Ty before he had to run off to med school. it's weird to talk about him being in med school, it doesn't seem like it should be real already!

i went to a new yoga studio this morning. it's about five minutes from my house which is a nice change of pace since i'm used to driving ten or fifteen minutes to get to my normal studio.
after getting home around ten, i had a recovery snack and got ready for my day!

this was my first time to have the house to myself for a whole day and it was needed.

i cleaned the kitchen after making lunch for myself-

homemade pita pizza with mushrooms, onions, and smashed up turkey balls (made by my sweet husband, the true cook of the house). one pita is really filling! i drizzled a little olive oil on the pita before putting the toppings on, along with adding a little cracked pepper and some italian seasoning for extra flavor. i then put a base of cheese down, following that with the turkey, mushrooms, and onions. and because i'm an honest cheese addict, i added more cheese on top. once the toppings were all perfectly placed, i put my pizza in the oven for eight minutes allowing the pita to crisp up and for the cheese to melt. during this eight minutes, a girl can't just sit around and watch the clock so i cleaned more. (really, you should see my house right now.)
then sat down to eat with a side bowl of balsamic vinegar. 

tyler has really been into drinking tea at night lately, and because he's caffeine sensitive, my teas keep him up at night. we know this not by using our heads, but because i absent-mindlessly made him a strong cup of tea (how i make them for myself) at 10pm the other night, and before drinking the glass, he compared it to alcohol and how it bites back haha. however! today on my errand excursion i bought him three different times and variations of "sleepytime" tea.

I've finished my day alone hula hooping in my air conditioned living room to pandora.
here's one of my favorites that came on today, i'm a sucker for phoenix. enjoy!

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