Tuesday, January 1, 2013

application writer's block

now comes the time to apply to new schools for next fall. i'm finishing my nearly double associates degree in may, and moving onto my big-girl nutrition school. to cover my bases i'm applying to both the university of central oklahoma and the university of oklahoma health and science center.
the uco application was quite simple, and almost made me feel like i was doing something wrong when it only took me 25 minutes to complete. i just entered my general information, along with a paragraph or two on how i feel about the community... the ouhsc application, however, requires all of the same information (minus the community paragraph), but includes a career goal statement.

upon finding out i was required to write a 300 word career goal statement, i was excited that i got to express myself, express my dreams to them in an application. but here i am, way past the due date set for myself, and am terrified to write this thing because of how much i have to say, and how lacking it is in professionalism.

like how does one tell the school they're desiring acceptance from that their main "career goal" is to have a coffee shop that serves vegan treats with plants on the brick walls that lead to the yoga studio in the back? how do i tell them that i was vegetarian for 6 years, and love learning the way the body interacts with what you give it? they don't care about my recent diet or my recent hobbies. they don't care that i want to just sit on a counter-top and serve coffee to my friends and talk all day about good things in our lives. it isn't professional to tell them i have a mental book of ideas that i've been storing since i was sixteen about this coffee shop/bakery/yoga studio because frankly- this is a nutrition program, and not some investor i'm begging for money in hopes i can actually get this shop into motion. i'm not professional. i'm casual. i don't care about being some perfect citizen, some perfect candidate for their program. but i want in their program so badly that i feel like i have to create some perfect image of a healthy woman for them. so in the end, i guess i do care.

anyways, i've hit a wall on what to say to them, on what to write.
ideas, thoughts, and prompts encouraged/appreciated. 

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