Thursday, July 5, 2012

in the nick of time

everything is a sign, and sometimes things sink into my chest deeper because it can't be a coincidence. sort of like the guy who i came across at the earth who heard me talking about my job situation, and suggested i work at whole foods in the city. he gave me his number and name, telling me not to hesitate in calling him for reference information. it wasn't but moments after talking to him that my boss at jimmy johns tells me that there's new management at the edmond store he was going to transfer me to, so if i find something better to jump at it.
it isn't coincidence that even later that day, a friend of mine suggests it to me as well. or is it coincidence that they offer good benefits that we need because of tyler's med-school requirements?

or how in the same day i was introduced to the phrase "waheguru satnam", i was also invited to a free yoga class. all of the conversation and good energy from it all- including the soreness i feel this morning after 90 minutes of hot vinyasa flow- it all sort of rekindled the appreciation i have for the yoga practice. there's something more than pushing your physical body to new limits, or stretching and pushing yourself more. it's meditative, encouraging, and helps me, personally, to break the mental barrier and to have more control over myself completely. mind over body. helps me to realize that even when you think you can't go further, or you feel like the 92 degree room is quite literally going to make you fall over on your sweaty mat and faint in the middle of class- you are capable of more. of going further. you're made wholly and perfectly, and that hot box of a room is only helping you transcend more into that mindset.

things that line up so perfectly can't just happen all at once because it's "ironic" or because it's all just fresh on my mind, so much so that it is illuminated. there's a plan for it all, and it's one wonderful mystery.

so before we go to norman today, i'm going to apply at whole foods (and a few other places around the city) because you never know what could happen until you try, right?

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