Friday, July 13, 2012

on being balanced

been more self conscious lately. unlike what most quickly comes to mind, i'm making more self conscious decisions. along with my regular yoga schedule i've developed, i've been monitoring my sugar intake, monitoring my soda intake, and tyler and i have even been good about buying only what's best for our bodies to keep in our house.

along with physical health, i've also really been trying to make time for more spiritual balance. whereas yoga is perceived as only meditation for buddhists and the like, laying there in the quiet and expanding my mind, boundaries, and, well, body, i sort of get caught up in how great our creator really is. how big this life is, and how everything, if you only give it the time it needs, falls right into place. i've noticed that having this habit of going to yoga in prayer, almost, is really even pouring into my daily life. more walking in reality, walking in what's honest, pure, and what is holy.

for instance this week i have been job hunting here in the city. the job i've had for almost two years now at jimmy johns didn't end up working out like it was supposed to when i moved here from norman. not only did the store i was being transferred to get all new management, but the new management wanted to start a team completely from scratch in hopes of (what i believe is) brainwashing a whole new set of college kids to run around like crazy, and spend all of their time making and wrapping sandwiches.
so i've been searching, mostly just spent one day brainstorming where i could go apply, and i applied at about five different places around town. however the last thing that came to mind before i left the house was barnes and noble cafe! i went there instantly, really not even expecting them to be hiring. it was sort of like i was only hoping for them to hire me because of how i've wanted to work there since i was about fifteen or sixteen years old. but i walk into the cafe, wait in line for the barista to ask,
"can i help you?"
 and i respond, "are you hiring by any chance?"
he gives me this look, a rather hopeful look, and says, "yes, i think we are," then directs me to where i can get an application. i'm almost skipping to get an application from these people, and nearly running out to the car to tell tyler about it all.

after filling out the application that day, i walk back into the store to turn it in. i leave it with the guy who initially gave the application to me, and walk towards the door. as i'm nearly out of the store, i realize that if i ever really want something, i have to try harder than just leaving a sheet of paper with my name on it. so i walk back.
after talking to this guy about when i would hear back, he introduces me to the store manager, natalie. she and i talk for a good amount of time about my work history, what brings me to okc, and why i was interested in applying to the cafe. after hearing me ramble about weird things about myself that i always dig out the depths of my memory to share in situations like this, she wants to introduce me to the cafe manager. after meeting, she and i talk for a while longer about relatively the same thing- my availability, my school plans, what i'm studying, yadda yadda. however after talking to her, she sets up an interview the next day.

and the interview went well! so well in fact, that today she called me back offering me a position in the cafe! on the phone she was telling me she was excited to call me and offer me the job, and that because of my experience, i'm not starting off at the low wage everyone else begins at, i'm starting off higher. i have orientation on monday at 9, then i get to shadow/be apart of the cafe that afternoon.

needless to say, i'm really excited about all of this, and beyond that, i am feeling honestly thankful and blessed. it's almost as if once you can truly begin to be balanced in the core of yourself and your spirit, everything else falls right into place- one thing after another.

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