Monday, July 2, 2012

the settling in part of things

things have been super busy following the honeymoon, it seems. here it is monday evening and i have yet to write about the remainder of our trip. the remainder being less than interesting for reading, i would assume... if i were to write about it, the post would include a thirteen hour drive back from flagstaff involving delirious laughter, me reading chapters of a book to tyler as he drove, singing die antwoord a capella, listening to a movie until our laptop died, then being really worn out and impatient on the last three hours of our drive.

we finally made it home though, and spent the next two days with our families in norman. tyler and i have spent all day, and all of last night, preparing our house for actual living. an empty house freshly inhabited by college students allows a lot of essential things to be purchased. our first grocery store trip was interesting because we browsed every single aisle not wanting to forget something we most generally use/need. we bought things like ziplock bags (that are pretty much good for everything, right?), cleaning essentials, snacking essentials, coffee essentials, and tonight's dinner.

once home, and once planning a meal, we realized we didn't quite grab everything, but enough for tyler to get creative (like he loves doing when it comes to cooking) and make us spaghetti with turkey meatballs. he let me saute some onions for the spaghetti sauce, and he also let me prepare the pan for the meatballs, but other than that, he likes to do all the work. however i did enjoy the leisure of making garlic butter while waiting on the bread to toast.
my job thus far is to turn on our weird/classical music and set the table. i say that like we have this whole routine down, like we have been doing this for years. when in all actuality, it may not be our first meal we have made together, but it was our very first meal in our house together.

getting married not only was a huge blessing because of the obvious reasons of gaining a new family, realizing the wonderful people you have, and obviously- marrying the one you love most, but tyler and i were beyond blessed in our marriage. family came out of no where to help set up the whole thing, our family donated things to us, and still we are being blessed with things that no one would have thought to ask for. our friends were there to share the biggest, most special day of our lives with us, and i remember before walking out into the ceremony, i was snagging snacks off of the trays (silly nervous me didn't really eat breakfast, and i was struggling to choke down almonds and luna bars while getting ready), and this woman comes up and wraps her arms around me. my nerves, hunger, and anticipation to walk out the double doors was so great that a hug was actually awesome to feel, but not only did this woman hug me, she kissed my cheeks. both of them. then proceeded to tell me how beautiful i am, and how she feels like she knows me. it was then that i deducted that it was this "barb" woman my mom had been talking about who was helping us out that day. this sweet woman, a complete stranger to me, came up and kissed me on my wedding day. it was things like this and all of the gifts, that we are still receiving, that makes us feel so blessed. these plates (pictured) for instance, came from a sweet family in our church. the wife/mother of the family came up to both of us during the reception and was telling us all about how the gift couldn't belong to anyone but tyler and i. eager to see what it was, we opened it when we got home, and fell in love.

blessings are still falling into our laps, and the feeling of "what did we ever do to deserve all this" never really leaves. it's always lingering, and we are still waiting for the reality of it all to hit us, but i'm sure once the hypnotic feel of summer passes, we will be in a wonderful groove of things here in our little bungalow together.

ah! and as for photos of the wedding, that people are already asking me to see, i should get them around the end of this week! our sweet friend heather, the photographer, has been sending us little previews, and what i've seen is astonishing. she captures everything perfectly, and i can't wait to relive the whole day.

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