Sunday, July 28, 2013

our siberian runaway

this guy is a runaway. he's the most daring and adventurous little brat dog. zeus has gotten out a time or two before, but the first time a nice lady picked him up while he still had his tag on, and the other time he got out,  he just explored around a bit then came to the front door of our house to just sit and wait for us to come find him.

but yesterday when we went to pick him up from what we call "doggy daycare" at my parents' house, there was no zeus. there was diabla (my parents' cane corso/zeus' best friend), and there was a hole big enough for zeus to crawl out of under the fence.

quick side note: one thing about zeus is that he loves to dig holes. these holes don't necessarily have to be big, but they are in fact numerous, and they are all over. that being said, we weren't too surprised that he had dug himself out of doggy daycare, but since he was there all day while we were both at work from 8 to 5, we had no frame of reference of how long he had been out.

so tyler and i both jump in our cars and take off through the neighborhood calling his name, whistling, and lurking up to the good people of the world to ask if they had seen him. none of them had, of course. but after a couple hours of searching, and after the sun had gone down, we went back to my parents' to make fliers. once we realized kinkos was closed at 9pm (since when??) we regretfully retired our efforts for the night.

it was strange coming home without a pup, and it was strange waking up without one too. but what may have been worse was dreaming about finding him, then waking up to nothing. yet my heart was so warmed by everyones efforts in helping us find our pup. our friends jessica and kyle helped us search around the neighborhood, and were kind enough to offer to help hang fliers and do whatever it took to find him. several of my friends posted on facebook trying to get the word out about him missing, and several other people shared the post. once we found the post on craigslist about his whereabouts, a few of my friends texted me to share, or told me on facebook which made the whole situation seem much brighter! that there are eyes and ears and other puppy parents out there trying to find our dog.

there i stood waiting by the door when the craigslisting neighbor brought him to my parents this afternoon, and we were completely overjoyed and relieved to have him back with us. i think i was halfway expecting some huge tail wag or hug of endearment when zeus saw me, but he didn't seem to care at all about where he was or what was going on... and here he is now, throwing himself against the floor like he's lost all energy from his journeys, and occasionally trying to jump into my quilt covered lap on the couch. things are back to normal around here, and my heart couldn't be more at ease!

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  1. Hi, I couldn’t seem to find an email. And I was hoping to ask you a question about your dog?


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